Watching a Gallus Copper gig is similar to watching a 1980’s style slash-movie. You know exactly what is coming, but it’s hugely entertaining. The Gallus Cooper Band have taken all that fun, all of the imagery and spirit and have brought it together in a simply brilliant show. The crowd are welcomed into a nightmare and choose to remain there.

Gallus Cooper Band

Ghouls, eye glowing demons, snakes and many other horror nasties enter the stage over the course of 90 minutes in what can only be described as ‘Halloween come early’. Pete Mclean, providing the Gallus persona, accompanied by hugely talented musicians, Dave Cuthbert, Andy Christie, Sean McQueen, Paul McElroy and Davey Harkness, blast out the rock beats of classics such as ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, ‘Cold Ethyl’ and ‘Poison’. Gallus is able to command the stage while trading pain and pleasure with Nurse Rozetta, Rachel Ross, and her arsenal of whips, grinders and scantily clad talents. Between them and ‘Prop Master’ Bill Crowe, they pull so much out of a ‘bag of tricks’, in such a short space of time, that it’s hard to keep up.

The band continues with track after track, many heated up with extra guitar. ‘Only Women Bleed’ and ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ are in the mix, the latter played whilst the Frankenstein Monster

parades amongst a Bilston crowd.With the setlist this strong there was only one real ending. ‘Schools Out’ remains one of rock’s greatest anthems and kicks out, bringing the set to a close. The band had been tight throughout and had not only interacted with each other, but the audience as well. They lapped it up on so many levels. It is a unique show and leaves you wanting more.

Much more!

I spent a night with The Gallus Cooper Band. The whole production was great fun. It was harmless, but by no means mindless and made a perfect introduction to the band from North of the border.

Gallus Cooper Band