Birmingham City Centre, 2016:
How often do you get that strong feeling? How many times can you honestly say, that have you have come across a band for the first time and you know that they have it? That this is the start of something special? And at ‘that stage’ in their career you remember thinking that, ‘you were there!’

I stood on the city streets watching Irelands vey own Keywest, busking their way through tracks from their albums. Watching the crowds grow around them. I was surprised by the numbers who gave up their shopping time to stand and listen. Surprised, but understanding.

This wasn’t’ a show!

This was publicity at its best. Imagine what these guys would be like on a stage!


London. Camden Assembly, 2018:
After successfully selling out 3 nights in Galway and 1 in Dublin, Keywest arrived in Camden, London. Having played to so many Irish fans, they could be forgiven if they were surprised by how small some of the London venues are. The Assembly is no exception.

Launching into the title track of their recent Joyland album, through ‘Beautiful Fool’ and then the single

 ‘Little Things’. It clearly didn’t matter if they played to a smaller crowd than usual.

Keywest’s strength is not necessarily in Kav’, on lead vocals. Guitars, bass, and drums are all part of it, along with really well written songs,

Finishing with their most successful track to date, ‘This Is Heartbreak’, the band took a well deserved bow and left the stage to a continued applause from the audience.

My journey with Keywest has so far lasted 2 years and 3 gigs. My future plans include a trip to the Emerald Isle, to witness an even bigger crowd. I have every intention of hearing and seeing them again. Unless you plan on keeping your eyes and ears closed, so will you. And on that day, I bet you get that same feeling I had.


This band are here to stay! Of all my mistakes, seeing Keywest was not one of them!